Is your leadership team ready to enable change?

Here are the top 10 questions to ask about the readiness and ability of leadership teams to enable change and for project and product teams to believe in the proposed change.

  1. Is your leadership team aligned about the future, the change being proposed, or the change already underway?
  2. Is the messaging — about the change, the rationale for the change, the expectations of people, what the “new way of doing things” are, and when this needs to be in place — down the organization consistent?
  3. Does your leadership team speak with one voice and is it consistent with the vision, the goals, and the message?
  4. Do the leadership team members support each other and make and keep their commitments to each other?
  5. Do your leaders and managers trust their teams? Do people feel empowered to make a difference? Do they have a say in contributing to and guiding the change effort?
  6. Does your leadership team inspire confidence based on their ability, their competence, and their personal character?
  7. Do people respect the leaders for their beliefs, behaviors, and actions and not just for their position in the organizational hierarchy?
  8. Do the people in your organization trust your leadership team or have their thoughtless actions, unmindful words, and broken promises eroded the trust?
  9. Are the leadership team members building trust by paying attention to what they are saying, speaking directly and honestly, coming through on their promises, and listening for understanding?
  10. Does you leadership team support the change not just in words but in deeds? Are they willing, eager, and able to attack any obstacle (including those that are uncomfortable or difficult to face and discuss) that is standing between the project/product teams and their success?

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