What does an Agile leader do?

What does an Agile leader do? Set the vision, establish priorties, focus on critical performance drivers, motivate people. Yes, these are important but not the primary responsibility. A good Agile leader creates necessary change to make the product being produced or the service being offered easier, better (safer and higher-quality), faster, and cheaper in that order. The way to move forward and produce different (and better) results is to not mandate new actions but to attend to the required culture changes by altering management systems (leaders’ behaviors, beliefs, expectations, tools, common practices, etc.) and by evaluating existing rules, policies, norms, procedures, and structures for continued relevance.

So, if you are a leader, ask yourself two questions: “Do I know where we are and were we are going?” and “How much time am I spending in creating meaningful change versus managing the status quo?”

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