Coaches confusing the means and ends?

I spent some time yesterday on LinkedIn after a long hiatus. What I immediately noticed was that my feed was filled with agile coaches selling their coaching services and promising to teach other coaches how to be better coaches so they could repeat the process with others.

What these coaches were pushing — vulnerability, authenticity, coaching stances, asking questions, mindset, being, delegation, autonomy, framework XYZ …, …. Unsurprisingly, I’ve seen quite a few coaches harp about these same topics at clients too.

But not a single post talked about what leaders, at clients, want — help us solve our problems, help us build our internal capabilities, help us improve our effectiveness, make an impact on our business, help us think and develop strategies and define our aspirations, lead our thinking by painting a picture of what our business might look like in 5-10 years, help us understand where we stand with respect to our competitors, help us improve our decision making, …

Do you see a problem here? Are these coaches treating the means as the end? And is the language off putting to clients?

When was the last time you were brought in by a client to specifically coach them on authenticity? vulnerability? …

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